DIY: Make Your Own Hair Growth Oil

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Sulfur is a naturally occurring element found in nature and the human body.  Many rave about the effects that the use of the substance can have on hair. Many have testified of its ability to reduce the shedding of and to increase the growth rate of hair. It can be consumed orally, in pill form, as MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane.  Alternatively, it can be applied topically to the scalp in an oil mixture using sublimed sulfur powder. Despite the benefits, caution should be taken when using it. Do your research and consult your doctor to determine just how much you should take daily if you op to use the pill form. Most importantly, be sure that you are not allergic.
Sublimed sulfur; also called Flowers of Sulfur or Brimstone
Now I will show you just how you can inexpensively make your own hair growth oil. There are quite a few retailers selling the product already made, but it can easily be made at home with little cost. When applied to the scalp regularly, you should see increased hair growth and thickness. Please follow the recipe strictly. Increasing the amount of sulfur added to the oil mix can have the reverse effects on your hair. As I said before, please do your research. Thanks for staying tuned thus far.

Hair Growth Oil with Sublimed Sulfur Powder

8 oz. of a carrier oil; like sweet almond, jojoba, castor, or coconut oil
1 TSP (teaspoon) sublime sulfur, also known as flowers of sulfur
Optional: 1-2 drops of an essential oil for fragrance; like tea tree, peppermint, or alma oil

In an 8oz applicator bottle, pour in your carrier oil. Carefully add just 1 TSP of sublime sulfur to the oil. Then add a few drops of an essential oil if you prefer.  Shake well. You can heat the bottle in the microwave for about 30 seconds to help the sulfur dissolve, but this is not required. Shake the bottle well before each application, because some sulfur will settle at the bottom.

***Apply daily or every other day sparingly, as a little goes a long way. You do not want oil dripping down your neck and forehead. Sublimed sulfur can be purchased on amazon or at your local pharmacy. Hope you found this information helpful. Please let me know what you think. Also, for the visual learners, feel free to watch my video below as I take you step by step through this recipe.

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